New storyboard is up! It’s for a personal project I’ve been working on for a while. It’s about a witch with the powers(?) of a slug. It’s actually based on a character my room mate created. We planned to make a story about magical wizards with amazing powers, but instead, Slug Sage was born; a struggling nerd witch with a severe intolerance to salt.

In other news… huh. That’s it. There is no other news haha. I sound like a broken record, but I’m still prepping for CTN! Have a good day, guys! I’ll post more soon! 🙂

Fall, fall, fall!

It’s been a great fall season here. I’m going to join the throngs of pumpkin obsessed terrors and revel in the golds, and oranges, warm colors of the season. I love sipping sleepy time tea and sketching. There’s nothing better.

Slowly updating the website and posting some more work. (including some fan art for Over the Garden Wall) Updated my demo reel. Super excited for CTN at the end of november! Trying to build up my storyboard portfolio. As a result, sadly, I’ve missed a few updates for my comic, but don’t worry. As soon as November is over, that will go back to priority!

Follow my tumblr for weekly sketches and doodles!

Life updates, and website changes

Man, summer is flying by! Life has been a little hectic recently. I quit one job, picked up a bunch of hours my other job, got hired at a second new job, and also got an apartment (which I am moving into in about a week). Needless to say, it’s been a busy time in my life haha.

I don’t know if life is going to slow down any time soon, but I’m going to prioritize working on comics, art, and story telling above everything else! Because, well, I go crazy if I don’t.

I’m trying to make the website look prettier, but it’s a slow process. Updated the banner, and tried to upload some newer stuff to some of the galleries.

New Art + End of Comic Hiatus!

Phew! It’s been a crazy few weeks. I ended up being offered a full time position at one of my two part time jobs, so I took it, and put my two weeks in at my other job. Unfortunately, that means I’ve been working about 50 hours on average for the past two weeks. It’s been pretty tough to get work done, but in between the craziness I’ve squeezed some concept work in!

Also, Dia will be resuming regular updates this weekend! I’m officially moving the update day to Sunday. It gives me more time to get things in order for the updates.

I think that’s all for now! Still open for commissions, so shoot me an email if you’re interested. Have a great day/week, friends! 🙂

Gallery Update and Commission Info

Hope everyone had a good Valentines! I was sick, but a friend surprised me with wine and chocolate, so mine was very good. 🙂

Anyhow, as you see, I’ve updated the gallery! There’s two new images in character design, and one in illustration. I’ve been pumping out a lot of character designs/boards for a personal project I’ve recently started working on, which I’m really excited about. Some of my most recent work is based on that! Look forward to posting more for it.

As for commission info, I’ve had some recent inquiries, so I figured it would be good to post here about it. I am currently open for commissions. I will be changing my pricing soon, but until the end of February commission pricing will remain at these prices:

  • $20 for a headshot (+$10 for second character)
  • $30 for waist up (+$15 for second character)
  • $40 for full body (+$20 for second character
  • +$10 for any revisions needed

I only accept payment through paypal. Shoot me an email if you are interested!

Gallery and comic updates!

chapter1_page027-28v2 copy 2Posted a new page for my comic today! This page took foreverrrr. Double page spreads and interiors – two things that I find very challenging. I guess I’ll have to do more of them so I get better! Haha…ha… *sigh*

rivert_1 copy

Also updated the gallery with this new piece of concept art! I’ve been working a lot on world building, but it’s mostly all just scribbles and notes in a notebook, so I wanted to make some more refined ideas. Here’s the first of many!

Comic Update Slightly Delayed

meggggCheck it out!! Amazing fan art for my webcomic by the amazing Meg Syv for my birthdaaay! Check out her COMIC RIGHT HERE! GUYS IT’S AMAZING!

As to the rest of this weeks update, a page IS coming, but it will be a little delayed. I didn’t ever want to miss an update this early in the game, and I’m determined to fix the kinks in this page before the weekends over. It’s actually a double page spread, so it’s taking more time than usual. I prefer to have a nice set of buffer of pages built up, but thanks to some recent crazy schedule changes I’ve been picking up a lot of shifts at work. As soon as January is over, my work schedule should settle back to it’s old routine (I hope!), but in the meantime I’ll still keep updating on a weekly basis. I may take a week or two off between chapter 1 and 2 so I can build up a better buffer. My goal is to tell this story as fast as possible, but also keep up the quality for you guys, and a buffer really helps me feel less of a panic so the pages don’t suffer!

Updated Storyboards and Webcomic

Recently added updates to my storyboard focused website including animatic of a previous project and little changes to the website. Check it out HERE!

Updated Dia with a page this weekend. Next week is a double spread page, and I’ve run out of buffer pages, so it’s time to KICK BUTT!  I’ve been so busy it’s been hard to make time for everything, but comics always take priority in my book. I also, of course, had to make time to appreciate some of my Christmas presents (like vol. 1 of Blacksad and vol. 2 of Hellboy. So in love with Mike Mignola’s inks… he almost makes me regret doing a full color comic! Almost.) Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great New Year! More art coming soon. 🙂